Wedding Ceremonies
A wedding marks a major milestone on life's journey. It should be personal and represent the very essence of the two hearts being joined, forever as one. Your wedding ceremony should be as unique and individualized as your relationship. Together we can create your dream ceremony.
Officiant Joseph Maniscalco
My wife and I began dating in 1992 and have been together ever since. We have two children and a cat. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, love music, the outdoors and being with my family.
I began as a Wedding Celebrant for family and friends in 2010. Writing something as personal and deeply meaningful as a couple's wedding ceremony has become one of the most gratifying and satisfying parts of my life. I love to see the bride and groom look into each others eyes, smile, and have their closest family and friends rejoice in the words we put to their love story.
Together we can create your dream ceremony. The ability to include personal and cultural traditions, or even make up some new ones specifically for your new family, is the best part of our custom written weddings.