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Boogie Baby is a family business run by Joey and Kimmie Maniscalco from Pompton Lakes, NJ. 
It started in 2013 when Joey volunteered to DJ his daughter's Competition Cheerleader pizza/dance party for Nationals. "GO CARDS!" Word got around and people started requesting his services.
Later Kimmie came on board and since then Joey has been much more glittery, lol. Their kids are often seen at their street fair event booth sporting the face paint and
glitter tattoos.
Boogie Baby Entertainment has enjoyed servicing parties that range from private birthdays to corporate events. They are professional, warm and just want to make people smile!
About Boogie Baby Entertainment LLC
Lead Face/Body Painter & Glitter Tattoo Artist
DJ Joey
Head DJ & Lighting Designer
Kimberly Maniscalco grew up in Hudson County NJ, has the best husband in the world, and is mother of two wonderful children. She has a degree in computer graphics and is a certified teacher of special education.
Having worked with various art mediums since youth, and falling in love with a canvas that smiles back, face painting and body art evolved into her dream job.
"Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebrations!"
  - Kimmie
Joseph Maniscalco has been a huge fan of music from an early age and has become an expert in a wide variety of musical genres. With more than 15 years experience in radio programming, designing a playlist that fits the occasion has become second nature.
As a forever student of lighting design, he is passionate about creating the perfect atmosphere, not only with music but also with color.
"I look forward to bringing the Boogie to your party!"
  - Joey
Kimmie Jean
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